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It’s days like today that remind me, life is extremely fragile and we need to appreciate every single second and never forget how lucky we are to simply exist. Thank you Samantha Marq for capturing in a single frame the true essence that lives and breathes through Lauren and I on a daily basis. Words of advice to everyone that happens to read this post… Burn that candle, drink that “special” bottle of wine and never lose sight of how perfect each and every one of you are. Explore this beautiful world and surround yourself with people you love and are inspired by. Also, peanut butter cookies and milk are hands down the best combination of food/drink items that has ever existed. I love cookies so much. And also pizza.

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August 5, 2014 - Kim arriving at Topanga Mall in Canoga Park.


we hate to break it to you, but according to our exclusive NYLON Korea shoot, fall is here to stay

@mingey happy 5th birthday, my guy. you’ve surpassed me in dog years. #thankgodforyou


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Edward John Poynter,Psyche in the Temple of Love,1882,detail.

Vikings | Blood Eagle